About Leva Skincare & Wellness



Simply effective skin care


We set out to build a brand with one element at the core of every product that is too frequently lacking in the skin care business because we were tired of trawling through drugstore isles and overly-complicated products pushed on us by huge skin-care firms.

Our Goal


We set out to bring the most advanced science-based skin care solutions in straightforward, understandable, and simple-to-use devices. We are a small but enthusiastic company. We firmly think that skin care should be enriching and pleasant as opposed to boring and time-consuming.


Our Vision



Our vision is to ultimately create equitable access to the world's leading, science-based skin care technologies so that every person, regardless of economic status, can benefit from the incredible technology fueling the leading skin care solutions today. 


Our Values

Simple skin care based on science. We want you to have access to the same scientific evidence we do, and we want every technology we offer to have been thoroughly reviewed by the pertinent clinical literature.